Now is the time to feel safe.

We're doing all we could to guarantee you can continue to trust in your favorite underwear brand by applying measures to ensure safety, including: 

We're offering a FREE NL FACE MASK with every order. You can choose white or black. Just leave a message with your order (in the cart menu there's a button "Leave a message"), or wait for our team to contact you for the shipping confirmation, and they'll ask for your choice.

We have re-organized our production work in accordance with the best healthcare practices for our employees. Even though there's no risk of transmitting the COVID-19 virus with the products, we check us and our colleagues on a daily basis, to ensure our collective safety. 

We work only with professional shipping companies that comply with the high level of security we're looking for in regards of our clients. We're confident we're shipping you the products in the safest possible way.

We're offering paperless payment method. Money can be a major source of pathogens, so if you're looking to stay extra safe, you can avoid exchanging bills with the shipping provider.

Our team joins you in hoping the COVID-19 crisis will soon be resolved. 

Stay safe!